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Residenz Eisenerz – WiP 05

The works on the Residenz Eisenerz in Sargans are progressing. The Facade and Interior are almost finished, the landscaping works about to start.

Other news


We updated our websites – new projects in Effretikon, Polička, Hradec, Poděbrady, Rokytnice and Olomouc. Njoy


PF 2021

On behalf of our whole team we would like to wish you successful 2021. Apropos Architects


Building Permit Moravské Bránice

Municipal Building and Fire Station in Moravské Bránice recieved valid building permit. More about the Project: Municipal building and fire station Moravské Bránice


3rd place in competition

Our design proposal of a new gym for Nová Paka was awarded with the 3. place. More about the project: Gym in Nová Paka


Content update

The content of the websites was updated. 3 new projects are on the display now. – The General Directorate of Finance, Trávníčkova, Brno, – Parking house in Ostrava – Interior design project “Window and Kitchen”


Documentation for the building permit

We submitted the documentation for the building permit for the municipal building and fire station in Moravské Bránice, Czech Republic. More about the project: Municipal building and fire station Moravské Bránice


Dolce Vita

The Family house in Prague Slivenec was published in the September issue of the magazine Dolce Vita. Now for sale. STÁLICE  


Award in a competition

We received an award in a closed architecture design competition for the project of the municipal building in Slivenec. We would like to congratulate to the winner. More about the project: Municipal building in Slivenec


Moravské Bránice – UR

The Municipal building and fire station Moravské Bránice recieved valid zoning permit last week. The works on the building permit are in progress. More about the project: Municipal building and fire station Moravské Bránice


Residenz Eisenerz – Work in progress 01

The foundations – piles are under way. 50 deep piles are being drilled. Because of the high levels of the underground water the excavation works will follow locally around the drilled piles.


Orchard & Monument in papers

The Orchard with the monument for victims of Communism was published on 28.8.2018 in Czech prominent papers – Lidové noviny. More about the project: Orchard with monument for victims of Communism Read more on page 12: https://www.lidovenoviny.cz/ctecka.aspx?d=28.08.2018#object=7435740    


Dvorecký bridge – 5th place

We are celebrating success in an international competition. Our design proposal of a new bridge for Prague was selected as the 5th  best among many international competitors. https://www.dvoreckymost.cz/  


Work in progress 04 – Slivenec

We finished the hydro-isolation of the roof including the roof terrace. The windows are in place together with the roof opening by Solara. We continue with the inner installations.


Building permit Residence Eisenerz

We received a valid building permit for the Residence Eisenerz in Sargans in March 2018. More details to follow. Construction site Kick-Off in 4th quarter of 2018. Residence Eisenerz


3rd place

We scored 3. place in an open urban development competition – the New center of Hostivice. New center of Hostivice


Under construction

The single-family house in Prague-Slivenec received a valid building permit. The construction works started immediately after. Single-family house in Slivenec


Geometer landscape

We had a great opportunity to give a lecture at the 6th annual conference of the Platform for the city architects and urban planners organised by Společnost Petra Parléře. http://www.cenapp.cz/cz/index.php?page=konference-seminare/krajiny-geometru


Building permission Residence Eisenerz

We submitted the plans for the building permission of Residence Eisenerz to the officials in Sargans. We are expecting to recieve the building permit at the end of September 2017.   Villa house in Sargans  


Presentation of the winning proposal

On the 12.3.2017 we had the opportunity to present our winning proposal of the Municipal building and fire station Moravské Bránice in front of the local citizens and representatives of the community.

More on the websites of the municipality.


New website

We launched our new website today. More content will follow soon…