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2019 Reconstruction Residential

Forest edge Engelberg

Design proposal, Restoration and redesign of a mountain house
Engelberg, Switzerland, 2018 

Ing. arch. Michal Gabaš

The existing property is located in Engelberg, Switzerland at the edge of the village about 1100 m. above sea level. The topography is defined by a steep slope at the border of forest line and below the peaks of Grosser Sattelstock and Rigidalstock. The plot is oriented to the south with a beautiful view of the dominant of the valley – 3000m Mount Titlis.

The task of the study is a complete house renovation with a new pitched roof and usable attic storey. The concept of the project takes on the characteristics and context of the surroundings and adapts the design to the aesthetics of the nearby forest – with a vertical, dark wood paneling. The renovated facade closes the imaginary clearing in the forest line behind the object. The new pitched roof refers to the local typology of the neigbouring houses. The gable is oriented towards the valley with two symmetrical dormers on each side of the roof. 

The delicate sun-shielding from vertical laths and a circular opening leaves a spectacular view of the mountain scenery while offering a protection from the southern sun.

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