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2023 Interior Residential Urbanism

Arealüberbauung Rosenbergstrasse

Arealüberbauung Rosenbergstrasse
Zürich-Wallisellen, Switzerland, 2019-ongoing

Authors: Ing. arch. Michal Gabaš, Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek, Ing. arch. Magdaléna Havlová, Ing. arch. Eva Gabaš Rosenová, Mitarbeit: Ing. arch. Laura Lukáčová, Ing. arch. Kryštof Jireš, Ing. arch. Jana Watersová

Stones scattered in a blooming garden. Residential houses with the scale of the surrounding villas. 2ku3. Five houses in total, each with one stair core and two apartments per floor, shared not only by the obligatory underground garage but also by courtyard spaces for playing, meeting, barbecues. The houses are very similar in floor plan, their variations a response to building codes and the staggering of different positions of loggias and balconies. In total, there are 42 apartments in the complex, ranging in size from 2kk to 4kk. The ground floor apartments have their own private gardens, which are separated from the public areas by flower meadows and perennial planting.

The façade of the houses is designed with vertical pre-set wooden facade cladding. This solution was chosen to ensure a favourable climate for the occupants of the houses, to meet the requirements of sustainable and ecological materiality and to promote a pleasing scale to the buildings. The projecting loggia conservatories allow for almost year-round use of private outdoor spaces, protect the building from climatic loss and approximate the garden concept of a romantic flowering garden.

Images: Avocadofresh

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