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2019 Built Interior

Furniture for an apartment in Holešovice

Design of a built-in furniture
Prague Holešovice, Czech Republic, 2017 – 2019

Ing. arch. Michal Gabaš, Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek, Ing. arch. Eva Gabaš Rosenová

Foto: Studio Savec

The design of the furniture for the apartment in Prague Holešovice is based on a simple concept of complementation of the current 2-room apartment, which is characterized by free niches and various, colorful materialization.

The new designed pieces meet the defined user requirements and their abstract, simple form quietens the whole expression of the interior.

The furniture is made of a MDF (medium density fireboard) with white matt coating. Each piece is completed with an open niche, cladded by oak veneer and framed by black metal frames.

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