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2019 Built Interior Reconstruction Residential


House renovation, completed
Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek


The classic form of the house construction from the beginning of the 20th century amazed people with its spectacular appearance even before the renovation. The stained glass shades create a mirror to the past of the old ornaments you can find inside the house. You can admire the unique character of the craftwork from the last century. The tiny and cautious changes during the renovation project were therefore crucial in order to transfer this house gently to the 21 century.

The ground floor, main living area of the house, stayed divided into two parts. In the front of the house is situated the elegant living room with refurbished traditional inbuilt cabinets with sliding door inviting warmly the back of the ground floor, where you can find a newly made open space with kitchen and dining area. The original details such as ornaments on the ceiling and on the wall are preserved and complemented with new parts of the kitchen as a kitchen island and inbuilt cabinets. The back garden was redesigned with a new concrete sitting area and fireplace. Especially during warm days it can be opened and connected with the dining part and create one space.

The first floor consists of two large bedrooms with a walking closet, bathroom, laundry, and toilet. Newly added top level with generous central space that connects two bedrooms and a bathroom can be used as a working space, library or playroom for children.

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