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2019 Built Interior Residential

Single-family house in Slivenec

Design of a single-family house
Prague Slivenec, Czech Republic, 2016 – 2019

Ing. arch. Michal Gabaš, Ing. arch. Eva Gabaš Rosenová, Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek

Foto: Studio Savec

House for a family with two kids and a boat.

The concept of the family house in Slivenec is based on harmonic position of a rationally shaped volume onto a site that is strongly articulated by its green. The layout is defined by the maximal use of the (for housing optimal) east-west orientation.

The building resembles a ship anchored in the optimal position in middle of an orchard on a site that uses the eastern and western light and visually connects the interior with the garden blossoming with vegetation – cherry, apple and pine trees.

The basic volume (12 x 9 x 6.5 m) is placed approx. 2/3 into the depth of the site, far from the street Ve Smrčině and is further shaped by addition and subtractions of the Volume for certain functions (roof-covered entrance, terraces). The result of this principle is an elegant form, that is specifically statue-like shaped for he need of its inhabitants and at the same time stays close to the basic, efficient and compact block.

The façade is made of a dark grey coarse-grained cast, that helps to “plant” the building and merge it with its surroundings. The dark tones of the façade render the volume soft and subtle. The cutouts and niches are made of a light colored cast or cladded by pale wooden planks, that help bringing the light to those corners of the house.

The monochromatic expression and relative simplicity of the facades honor the tradition of the nearby modernist housing of Prague-Barrandov and at the same time allow the inhabitants to bring their own creativity and colors to the interior of the Villa.

The overall naval aesthetic (wish of the client) is further developed in the Materialization of the wooden cladded roof-boards and the “captain bridge” with a “steamer-chimney” on the top of the building.

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