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2019 Built Interior Reconstruction Residential

Gallery house

Apartment renovation, completed
Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek


The renovation of the house, which was built initially in 1904 resulted in the modern living space with a tasteful touch of original elements together with residential remodeling that allows corresponding with contemporary requirements for comfort. The chosen design respects the character of the house.  Preservation of ornamental ceilings, traditional cabinets and decorative details keeps the excellence and warm feeling of an antique house complemented by decidedly modern changes such as new openings which advance the disposition and amount of light. 

The idea of a living floor (the first floor) brings us to open a spacious area with a lot of free-standing walls and cabinets that remotely resemble a luxurious gallery. Open space allows the sunlit to freely flow from the kitchen over its dominant kitchen island to the dining room. The old traditional cabinets between dining space and a living room were nicely refurbished to create a flexible connection between the front and back part of the house. The small front room was changed to a practical entrance hall with a space for walk-in closet.

The two top floors are supposed to be a private part of the house for family members. They can enjoy two large bedrooms – one with a walk-in closet and terrace, one small room, laundry, toilet, and spacious modern bathroom. The top floor attic considers two bedrooms and second bathroom with toilet. The ceiling of all rooms is open to the ridge of the roof which brings the spaciousness to this space and you can see traditional roof structure.

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